Essential oils for Wellness, Fitness & Gut Health

  • START Date : 03rd April

  • End Date : 03rd April


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Hello Port Moresby This is our workshop for March 2019 This month our focus is on using essential oils to support youtr general wellbeing , fitness regime, gut health and how to incorporate oils into your food. We will also have an interactive DIY session for attendees and essential oil infused food + tea & coffee Tickets are limited and will be available for purchase on Wednesday 27th February at House Of Xen (Level 2 , RH Gordons) @ K20 per person We will have samples & door prizes to giveaways Hope you can join us :) Our session times are as follows : 10-11am : Introduction to Natural Solutions for your home We will cover what essential oils are, how we use them and why we choose to use Doterra. We will give you tips on how to incorporate these oils into your daily wellness routine and provide examples of oils you can use for cleaning, respiratory support, digestive support, promoting restful sleep, skin support, immune support and more!! We will also look at the different enrolment kits that are available and how to get them into your home 11-11:30am: Interactive DIY session You will be making mini facial scrubs and footsoaks to take home with you 11:30am - 12:30pm : Detox & Gut Cleanse Did you know that 70% of the body's immune function occurs in the gastro-intestinal tract? In this session we will talk about about toxins, how toxic load affects our bodies and how we can support the detox functions of the liver, kidney, colon ,skin and lungs by using doterra's range of supplements and essential oils 12:30-1:30 :Food & Oils Here we will share recipe ideas for food that you can eat whilst doing the 30 Day Cleanse & Restore . We will also share how you can incorporate essential oils into your food. There will be oil infused food for sampling 1:30 - 2:30 Essential Oils & Fitness And finally to wrap up , we have a session dedicated to fitness. Whether you exercise for fun, to lose weight, to build strength or muscle, to stay active with your friends and family, or just because you want to be healthy—essential oils can be a helpful part of any workout routine.

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