Joss Stone - Total World Tour - Live for one night only

  • START Date : 20th April

  • End Date : 20th April


  • END TIME :


Grammy Award Winning soul sensation Joss Stone has taken on the exciting mission of being the first singer to perform in every UN registered country in the world as part of her ‘Total World Tour’. Currently Joss has played in 170 countries for the enjoyment of thousands of people from all races, religions and backgrounds. Her aim is to bring people together using the universal language of music and show that no single country or person is more important than another. PNG will witness it’s first and only exclusive live performance of this ‘Total World Tour’ when Joss performs at the Lamana Hotel’s Gold Club Arena on Saturday 20th April, Easter weekend. Tickets will be going on sale next week at Lamana Hotel’s reception. For more information, contact Jacquie Simons via e-mail at Joss’s show will include a variety of her songs spanning from her 12 year career, along with classic covers and the introduction of newly recorded songs.

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