Unstoppable: Growth Conference

  • START Date : 27th August

  • End Date : 28th August


  • END TIME :


Power-Up Your Confidence! Destroy Your Fears! Speak Up! Unstoppable! is a two-day conference on building self-confidence and assertiveness. Participants will walk away from this workshop with the skills and tools to increase their boldness, courage and counter their fears. At Unstoppable! you will learn: - What is Assertiveness? - What is Self-Confidence? - Four Styles of Communication - Designing Your Legacy - Obstacles to Goals - Types of Negative Thinking - Dealing with Negative Thinking - Importance of Goal-Setting - Identifying Your Self Worth - Building Self-Esteem - Looking the Part (Image, Physiology of Confidence) - Sounding the Part (Speaking and Sounding Confident) - Powerful Presentations (Using STAR to make your case - What to Do when You’re On the Spot) - Coping Techniques - Expressing Disagreement - Coming to Consensus - Dealing with Difficult Behaviour - Dealing with Difficult Situations Among Other things! Unstoppable! is Recommended For: People whose work requires persuasion skills, public speaking, negotiation skills, and networking skills, such as: - Leaders and Executive Managers - Sales Representatives - Lawyers - Entrepreneurs - Academics - and Anyone who wants to be empowered to pursue their dreams with confidence. The Two-Day Conference will end with an exclusive VIP Dinner Event with a Mystery Legendary Business Leader in Papua New Guinea. To Register: email attitudeplus.pg@gmail.com and we will take it from there! We look forward to seeing you there! Be Unstoppable!

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